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For Counting Instruments You Can Rely On, Count On Veeder-Root

For the last century, when OEM’s need innovative, high-quality counters, they turn to Veeder-Root. We offer the broadest range of electronic counters, mechanical counters and electromechanical counters to meet an array of industrial and commercial counting applications. From winding to spooling, position display to flow rate, when an application calls for accuracy and reliability, the world chooses Veeder-Root.

In 1991, Veeder-Root became a division of the Danaher Industrial Controls Group. Our alliance has led to incremental growth and enhanced production and distribution capabilities. The result has made us capable of servicing new industries and reaching more markets than ever before.

Due to thousands of possible “standard configurations,” all Veeder-Root counters are built to order utilizing efficient Just In Time (JIT) manufacturing processes. The standard lead time on Veeder-Root timers is 3 days for most models.

Count on the accuracy of Veeder-Root

Veeder-Root brand mechanical, electromechanical and electronic counting and control products are world renowned for their innovative designs, quality, durability and accuracy. Backed by 120 years of experience in the development and application of counting and controlling instruments, Veeder-Root counters are complete instruments for detecting, totalizing, controlling and indicating complex industrial sequences. Functions include automatically starting or stopping a machine or other device via a programmable output signal, which can be used for count, control output or elapsed time tracking. In addition, multi-function indicator/controller models offer combinations of totalizer, predetermining, counter and rate measurement techniques. By doing the job of several instruments, they save time, money and panel space, and reduce installation complexity. Ideal for applications requiring multi-step sequential operations, Veeder-Root counters and controllers are rugged, reliable, and most importantly, accurate.

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