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Tempco offers over 40 years of factory direct experience in the design, engineering, and application of electric process heating systems, electric heating elements, temperature sensors, and electronic control systems. A foremost part of our philosophy is to provide exceptional satisfaction through quick-response, providing expert-quality solutions for the needs of the customer through our partner distributors as PREMSCO. We look forward to earn the privilege of becoming our customers’ preferred heater solutions provider of choice.

Today we manufacture thermal components for hundreds of applications in thousands of design variations. Some of our products were original developments in the industry, for which Tempco holds patents. Many of our manufactured products are UL certified and CSA recognized.

In addition to our standard product line, in early 1982, we set up a modern full-service nonferrous foundry and machine shop for making aluminum and bronze cast-in heaters, utilizing the permanent mold and no-bake sand processes.

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