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We have equipment for rent please contact us for availability and the process of renting.

Electrical Compressors

Model Capacity Voltage
ES8-30H 113CFM 230V ó 460V
16BS-75L 370CFM 230V ó 460V
LS20-100L 500CFM 230V ó 460V
1809E 25HP 230V ó 460V

Portable Compressors

Model Diesel Capacity Air Capacity
185DPQCAT 95 Lts 185CFM
185DPQCAT 95 Lts 185CFM
185DPQCAT-AF 95 Lts 185CFM
375HDPQJD 181 Lts 375CFM
900DTQCAT 454 Lts 900CFM
1300HTDQCAT 757 Lts 1300CFM
1300HTDQCAT-AF 757 Lts 1300CFM

Clean Air Systems

Clean Air Systems : AHP-400
Clean Air Systems : AHP-1600


Model Capacity
SAR-630 630CFM
SD 220 220CFM
SAR 190 190CFM
SAR 300 300CFM

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Note: * Equipment Available only in Puerto Rico & Dominican Republic. * Installation by a Premsco Service Technician required.