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Ogden offers over a half century of experience in the design, engineering and manufacturing of electric heat and control products. Two key elements are part of the Ogden Philosophy that has made this possible: Service & Quality.

Service…from a huge factory stock with many thousands of sizes, ratings and modifications…plus a worldwide sales network offering you assistance and making Ogden products available right in your neighborhood

…with the engineering capability to design and supply products for the most difficult or unusual applications imaginable….in providing quick answers…

…with multiple manufacturing facilities giving fast deliveries.

All this to be certain that you get the Ogden product you need when you need it.

Quality…Computer aided engineering and manufacturing guarantees utilizing the optimum design parameters and the most efficient manufacturing process

…detailed evaluations of incoming materials, continuous work-in-process inspections and final inspection procedures that thoroughly test every item produced, deliver trouble free products

…searching for and analyzing new materials and manufacturing methods to further increase quality and efficiency

…on going product-life-testing provides performance evaluations and design improvements

…for ease of specification Ogden offers UL, CSA&CE listing or recognition, design and certification to ASME and USDA acceptance

…and the development of new and technically advanced items adds to Ogden’s distinction as a leading manufacturer of electric heating products.

Whether for replacement parts or original equipment components, Ogden’s commitment to Service and the Ogden Quality process delivers superior products for any electric heat and control application.

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