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Global manufacturer of process control and factory automation solutions. Working with designers and manufacturers for more than 40 years to increase manufacturing productivity, we continue to advance the state of industrial automation with proven innovations, customized design solutions, and exceptional service worldwide. With a comprehensive line of automation components, custom components and complete electromechanical and pneumatic motion controlled multi-axis systems… we can support your most complex automation requirements. Our mission: your productivity. Festo is a global leader in automation, and the world market leader in industrial basic and further training. We work together with you to achieve the key goal of improving your productivity. With our knowledge, our eye for the big picture and our passion for detail we promote sustainable growth to keep the world moving. More than 60 years in factory and process automation make us your expert partner. We take advantage of everything possible to make this happen – our knowledge and our capabilities. This makes us what we are: Experts who don’t give up. Professionals who make the working day easier for you. Technicians who can always get a little more out of components and systems. Or simply engineers of productivity.

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