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PREMSCO is the leading provider of Automation controls and services in USA, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. Premsco’s customers have relied on Premsco for Automation Solutions in Electronics, Fluid Power Products, Compressed Air Systems and Process Controls and Equipment since 1975.

We are organized as four business units. Each unit has different products and services, yet work together to provide the best possible customer service.

Compressed Air Solutions

We can fulfill all of your compressed air, dryers and vacuum pumps with certified technicians and over 27 years of combined experience.

Premsco will support your application.

The large number of machines installed on the market, requires us to constantly increase our maintenance potential. In order to optimally cover this potential, it is necessary to develop custom-made maintenance programs, in order to provide solutions for our customers’ requirements.

In order to give the best support we are offering a complete package of service contracts that include everything between a partial inspection up to a 10 year agreement.

Process Control and Instrumentation

Solutions for factory and process automation tasks

Premsco have many years of experience in process automation and instrumentation serving the food and beverage industry. Premsco also provides special services to ensure reliable automation and process control for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry.

Utilities & Power Distribution

When you need air, we are always there!

Whether you need to have permanent quality or critical air or gas compression for your facilities, or you have a short or long term project that requires your air compression system to move when you do, Premsco has your back. How? With the most robust and reliable compression units that are supported by a complete system of support products and genuine high-quality aftermarket products along with the customer service that has made Premsco a trusted friend.

Pneumatic and Hydraulics Components

Premsco is your Pneumatic Solutions Provider in Puerto Rico, USA, Dominican Republic and The Caribbean. We are widely recognized as a leading supplier of pneumatic equipment for more than 35 years. For over three decade, we have specialized in supplying only the best pneumatic systems and pneumatic products, helping our clients to improve productivity and profitability with their industrial applications.

As an authorized distributor for the best brands in the market and other high quality complimentary products, we supply leading pneumatic technologies to our clients . Our brands includes Bimba, Trans-air, Piab, Mac, PHD, Watts, Allenair, Lehigh, Noshok, Cleco and Festo. Unlike other pneumatic suppliers, our product range is not limited to a particular brand. This means we can supply the best combinations of pneumatic equipment, tailored to suit your application

Automation and Controls Products

Our expertise with machines, control systems and high technology products to optimize your process and applications is our passion.

Programming of PLC and Micro-Controllers | Automating Kitchen for the Restaurant and fast Food industry | Robotics for Assembling and Palletizing; Scara and 6 Axis| Motion Control and positioning with servo and Stepper Motors | Designing and manufacturing of custom machinery | Prototypes and automation modules including; mechanical, electrical and programming engineering | designs in 3D using SolidWorks | HMI and Touchscreen | Control, Monitoring and Data Logging with PC or PLC | Communication and control of remote signals with Ethernet or Modbus protocols | Control, load-sharing, itineraries and rotations of Pumps, Compressors, Extractors, Fans and Boilers.

Engineering and Management Services

PREMSCO Engineering Group (PEG)

In addition to providing process control and automation products, Premsco
Group has available design, engineering and project management services for
machine upgrades, control panels, programming and automation projects.

Contact the sales representative in your area to learn how your company can benefit from our technical process automation knowledge.

Among the services PEG ( PREMSCO Engineering Group) can offer are :

Projects “Turn -Key “or Electrical and Mechanical ( hydraulic and pneumatic )

 Occupational Safety and Health

  • Security Curtains
  • Emergency stop devices ( “Emergency Stop and Dead Man ” )
  • Integrated Switches connection (” Interlock switches ” )
  • Buttons Optical Security
  • Carpets Virtual Security ( “Laser Scanner ” )
  • Modules and Security Checks
  • Assessments, recommendations and implementation of applications focused on the needs of the user / client Installation and support programming Robots

 Sensors :

  • Inductive
  • Capacitive
  • Photoelectric
  • Wireless Communication
  • Systems with wireless communication LED Screens

Engineering Services :

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Environmental ( Air , Water, Sanitary Water and runoff water )
  • Civil

Project Management Services:

  • Conceptual design and feasibility studies
  • Generation of Specifications
  • Validation and Qualification
  • General construction and installation support for ALL our product lines
  • Instrumentation , Automation and Control
  • Conservation ( Electrical, Mechanical and Pneumatic
  • Trainings

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